RESET: Going back to basics & Whole-istic Recipes

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RESET is a step-by-step 4-week guide for living an unprocessed life, complemented by tips, science and techniques that will help you eliminate the sugar and processed foods from your diet. The main goal isn’t to assume we will become 100% sugar and processed foods free, but it is to ensure that these foods don’t have an affect on us anymore and if we want to live without them we can, and if we want to enjoy them every now on them without being sucked back in, we can.

Purchasing RESET: Going back to basics will give:

1. 4-week guide to cutting these foods out.

2. Tips and tricks to make the process easy.

3. A daily journal guide.

4. Ways to help strengthen your gut health.

5. A list of foods to replace all the ones we are addicted to.

6. A printable PDF of a food journal you can fill up.

7. Weekly calls and checkins with me.

8. One-on-one communication with me through out the guide to help you through it.

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A package of both the 4-week guide to leading a healthy, unprocessed life as well as the Whole-istic Recipes ebook containing over 30 recipes made from unprocessed and whole ingredients. The recipes are easy, flexible and made with unprocessed ingredients.