About Me

          Hi, I’m Seyma b. Saricimen, a Turkish mother, wife, fitness and holistic health enthusiast living in Dubai. I’ve loved and enjoyed all kinds of movement and health through out my life and worked on building myself from a young age. I finally dived into the fitness world, leaving my Public relations & Marketing practice behind me, after having my daughter and becoming a full time mom. I am a certified BASI Pilates instructor of all levels, Calisthenics level 1 trainer, Nutrition certified and I continue to study further and deeper into correct movement and health every day.

My main objective is to focus on correct and safe alignment and movement while bringing strength and courage into our workouts. I believe that an aligned body and health leads to an alignment in our lives. A holistic lifestyle is my passion and what I breathe and digest every single day. I believe that going back to the basics and living and eating the way our ancestors did ages ago, free of any modern diets and fads is the way to a sustainable, happy and healthy life. For this reason i started my own little business, baking healthy and clean treats in 2018 called @cleancheatstreats.

The fitness world isn’t my only passion, my world is my now 2 year old daughter that is both wild and sweet and makes sure to keep my hands full. I try as much as possible to implement a holistic way of life into our days while juggling the requirements of the modern world.